Should you list your home for sale in winter?

The real estate market spikes in spring, due to an influx of properties on the market and an increase in buyers looking. This doesn’t mean that you should not list your home in the new year, though! In fact, it can be quite the opposite. One of the perks for listing in the winter is that the cold season offers your home less competition as there are fewer properties on the market to compare to. There is always someone looking for a home, even in winter.. so how are they supposed to pick your home over any others if it is not listed? 
You can use the cold weather to your advantage when selling too, by making your home extra warm and cozy for showings and showing buyers how cozy they could be if it was their home. You can also take the opportunity to highlight certain features that make winter enjoyable in your home, like a warm fireplace, nice plush carpets, in-floor heating, a huge entry closet for coats and boots, a covered/enclosed deck, updated paned windows, a new furnace, and many other things that make winter more enjoyable.
Remember that there will be a lot less homes to choose from on the market during winter months, and you can definitely use that to your advantage by making sure you put your 'best foot forward' to make the best impression on buyers. Be sure to have your walks and deck cleared of snow and ice, and keep your home tidy. It is always an extra nice touch to have a lightly scented spicy or warm scented candle going, to really give that warm and cozy feeling in your home... Email me if you want more info and tips on selling in winter or call 780-519-0668

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